Quedos regularly wins pitches for business, all are intensely competitive and in all cases we are in competition with larger UK contract sales organisations. In some cases other contract sales force suppliers had previously worked with these companies, whilst in others Quedos was being asked to re-pitch for extended business.

So, why did:

Procter & Gamble
Pfizer Warner-Lambert

And one other, who wishes to remain anonymous, choose Quedos?

We were not the cheapest.
They were impressed with our sales results.
They were impressed by our administration and business support.
They were impressed with the people.
And, they asked our clients (we told them to!).

Quedos brings a new quality approach to the contract sales force market from a focused, financially successful and independent, totally customer orientated company. Our projects are managed by an all-encompassing quality control package, which is unique and provides our clients with all the information they need to be in control of their project at every stage. If you want to know how we do it, contact us by any of the following means.