Under Performing Product

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world had a problem. A particular drug was under performing in the UK compared to almost everywhere else, particularly the home US market. In fact the UK market share was less than 20% compared with approximately 80% worldwide.

The product benefits from a favourable proposition, with clinical support at least as good as the competition. The client contracted with Quedos, with sole responsibility for Primary Care selling, beginning in January 1999, third detail, with an objective of raising GP awareness to their proposition.

The result:
Growth in awareness exceeded client expectation in the first year.
As a result of the growth in revenue during the first two years in a third detail position, the client placed a full Quedos dedicated team behind the product from January 2001.
Sales doubled in the first 3 years.

As our client comments on our early successes:

"Massive July 2001 sales"

"August 2001 a record (sales) month"

"Promoted size takes (RSA) market share lead from original size pack"

As we entered our fourth year of contract, our client increased their investment further, placing a very high profile sales/NHS negotiator team behind the project.

"March 2002 yet another record sales month"

"July 2002 Massive Record Month's Sales"

And now as we progress into year six, product sales are at an all time high with

"Record month's sales recorded in September, then October and then again in December 2003!"

In fact 2004 sales are already showing

"An increase of 26% ytd compared with 18% ytd at the same time point in 2003"

And to summarise to date

"Record sales months continue to be achieved with reassuring regularity in 2005 and 2006"

"Market leadership now established in Obs and Gynae"

"Contract extended into Year 10!"


Quedos deploys sales teams that can sell, provide unbeatable marketing and sales feedback information and what's more have such low levels of staff turnover that our clients' customers see the same highly professional sales person again and again (unlike some contract forces where the customer rarely sees the same representative twice!).

(Client confidentiality prohibits more precise data from being given here, naturally if you would like to know more we can meet for discussions)