Welcome to Quedos, providers of contract sales teams to the Healthcare Industry. Formed by Graham Bell and Barrie Thompson, Quedos recognises the absolute need to work harder for client success and to maximise their return on investment in contract sales support.

There are five key principles fundamental to the Quedos philosophy:

The total involvement of Quedos senior management
The commitment to deliver what is promised
Never compromising on people quality
Accountability by means of independent quality control audit
Integration into each customers business to fully understand opportunities and goals.

Considering Quedos, Graham comments:
"When we evaluate the Quedos proposition to the market place we believe we offer tomorrows solution to todays needs. Quedos sales forces are built and perform to the same very high internal standards our clients adhere to themselves. Our employees' commitment to our client brands has won us sales and new business, and we look for people with skill sets and an attitude of mind that shares our all-consuming vision. We are proud of our achievements to date, we build lasting partnerships and relationships with our clients and that's why they are our best ambassadors."